Best Design Spotlight (S01E01)

We Just Started A New Blog Post Serie!

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Well, looks like this blog is going to be a bit more active…

… I just joined Manypixels!

First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Andita and I recently joined and will work primarily as a Content and Social Media Executive for Manypixels. Before joining Manypixels, i used to be an intern at two well known internet companies in Asia. And yes, i was a freelance content creator too. 

Now that i am a #Pixelian, i’m gonna manage this blog with Robin. Yet, we will make sure to allow everyone in our team to write on it. We want it to make it like a place where we can share our thoughts of building a company.

During my first week of work,  Robin explained me how he wants to honestly show how we do every single thing. One of the idea I had is to make a “Best Design Spotlight” where we show the idea behind a popular design we made, and why such services can add value to your business.

Let’s not wait, and here is the most viewed project of the week which is our take on an illustration for our upcoming product.  

Yup, this is it! 

The ideas behind this design

The idea was to show all benefits in six illustrations, so that we could make a landing page more attractive (and thus convert better).

Based on those, we have then created an illustration that portrays our values to every one of our clients.

Cue the drumroll 🥁


The blue themed isometric illustration was made! If you are curious, here is the concept behind it:

  • “We join your Slack team and Trello board”

Slack and Trello are well known as chat platform and project management applications for professionals. The first illustration implies how assigning tasks would be as easy as sending us a message through that application. Our project manager will then join your Slack and Trello team.

  • “Faster turnaround”

To satisfy your needs, we offer 24 working hours turnaround per task! Not to brag, but, we are blazing fast. 😎

  • “Daily output”

You will be able to receive the design updates to your mailbox or Slack daily.

  • “Two tasks at the same time”

Our designers will work on two design tasks at the same time, no problemo.

  • “Briefing consultation call”

We always want to improve and understand your business goals. We’ll touch base with you on a weekly basis for a consultation on your business objective goals (just so that we’re on the same page).

  • “Weekly Consultation call”

Feel the need of strong leads to understand where the bigger picture of your project should go? Let’s have a weekly consultation call to understand your UX or other graphic needs with our in-house experts!

Why illustrations?

When we started making illustrations, we thought : What values are illustrations adding to our customer businesses?

Illustrations really help convey emotions but also add uniqueness to your brand. People are tired to see many landing pages or emails but if they see illustrations, they understand effort was put into conveying a particular message and it catches their attention as a result.

Some ways to use illustrations:

1. In your blog post: To convey a particular key point or as a header of that blog post.
2. In your landing page (as a “How it works” or “Benefits” illustration like this one)
3. In your newsletters
4. As social sharing image or Facebook ads (Facebook ads do not allow a lot of text, so you must convey it with pictures of illustrations)

P.S. – Don’t you know that we are on dribbble? Well, now that you do… follow us here. 😉 Our exciting projects would be uploaded regularly there! 

See you on the next post!

Warm Regards,


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