3 Lessons to Take From Working In A Leading Online Transportation Company

Hi! It’s me again, Andita! This time, in the middle of our deadlines (yes… 😜) i had a chance to have a fruitful discussion with our two designers. What did we talk about? Can you guess it? Well, in case you have no idea… we talked about how was their previous experience working in Uber and what are the key takeaways to take from there!

Undoubtedly, to be able to work in a pioneer of online transportation company was a great milestone to Dina and Zulfa. There are valueable lessons that they earned; from how to perform well in a fast paced working environment to a deep understanding about branding. Let’s find out!  


  1. ✔️The Can-Do Attitude

Nowadays, having the can-do attitude is one of the most important thing. Zulfa said as she used to receive tons of design requests for different needs, from the social media to offline contents, she had to do it all! This is the attitude that she brought to Manypixels. With an infinite number of to do list, i managed to complete them all, and was able to complete her jobs within tight deadlines ✔️✔️✔️


  1. 🕐 Time Management

The ability to juggle from a task to another is something that designers should master (undoubtedly😆). This is also what these two designers learned from their previous company. Both Dina and Zulfa said that to have an unexpected workload is a common thing for them. However, with the right time management, they will be able to set up and predict the time needed to do all the tasks!

Well, i personally agree with them. In fact, to me, having a really good time management not only will enable us to finish everything on time, but also allow to have fun!  🎉


  1. 🎯 Consistent Branding

This is another key takeaway that Dina got from working in Uber. As she was introduced to all of the aspects that built the consistent branding of the brand itself, she also had the chance to learn how to localize the brand so that they can ‘fit’ into the society. For instance, as a multinational company, she needed to create something as an identity to show that “hey, this is Uber Indonesia!”  or something like that. So, in terms of company branding, she had to infuse the culture of Indonesia to the icons or illustrations with the company’s own style. This valuable lesson was also something that she applies here in Manypixels.

That’s all from them! Feel free to leave us some comments 😉

See you on the next blog post!

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