About us

Manypixels is a design-as-a-service for startups and corporates. For a fixed monthly fee we produce unlimited, high quality design work. Our services range from mesmerizing landing pages & mobile UI, to UX research, to graphic design & logo / branding. Most of our clients are startups (SaaS and consumer startups) but we also have a handful of corporates, VC funds (even though we hate venture capital haha!) and large corporate (mostly they need us to redesign their boring decks).

Where do you guys come from?

My name is Robin (from Belgium) and I co-founded ManyPixels with Max, a full-stack dev from France. I live in a small town called Verviers but really didn’t like small town so I moved to Asia in late 2017 after my graduation to build my business. Max is a full-stack developer who went to the best design school of France. As my co-founder he helps with ensuring design standards, quality & also builds the newest features of Manypixels. Even though he secretly mocks my Belgian french accent, I think he is a good guy.

Our designers are based all over Asia and Robin frequently visits them every two months.

Why did we start this and how did you start it?

We thought that – as former startup founders (our founders ran a profitable online letting agency & a large dedicated game server hosting network) it was incredibly
hard to find good designers that were reliable.

We built Manypixels first for us but then decided it could also work for others. In 5 hours, we launched a MVP and got to $1500 in sales. It kind of worked from the start. We are writing everything about our learnings on this blog.

What this blog is about?

We want to share our experience of building a profitable productized service (in our case: design). There are a couple of reasons for doing this: This enables us to be more authentic to our customers, which we think is a very important component of business. Next to this, we want to inspire other entrepreneurs to launch their own profitable business (and, who knows, hire us, haha ;-)). It really is possible with ruthless execution and cheaper than ever today to launch your own business. Lastly, by sharing our metrics and learnings we are accountable to our goals (building in public really make us want to deliver on our promises) and we get to receive some feedback on how we do X and Y.

What are the company values of ManyPixels?

1. Pixel perfect – we strive for high quality, above and beyond.
2. Fast turnaround – we provide a fast turnaround & are reliable.
3. Stay small and please employees & customers – we believe in the power of being small & focused for those services. We mostly write about that on our blog!