Behind The Spotlight:  The Process of User Interface Design (Illustration)

We find that it’s necessary to show the process behind how a great design is made, so we are going to share the behind the scene of our exciting projects. This time, we are with Wisangga Pranata, our senior illustrator whom will reveal his process of doing the isometric illustration of the User Interface design process.

  • The Purpose of Illustration

The main purpose of this illustration is to depict what it takes to design a great user interface; a synergy. It is illustrated here by 3 people taking their charges based on their expertise as it needs great visual, precise size of every element, and an accord spot of buttons to give the users best journey on an app.

  • The Process

The brief of the task was to create an isometric illustration of the User Interface Design process,  “I imagined what does it take to create an enjoyable journey for users on an app. To me, a great user interface consists of not only a great visual but also a clear navigation so the users won’t get lost. And yes, the keyword ‘collaboration’ itself was what inspired me the most to create the illustration. So I started off by illustrating a group of people working together to create a user interface design. Each person has an important role in doing that.”  Wisangga said. 

A moment before he decided to pour out his idea on his MacBook, he did a rough sketch on his notebook:

Manual Illustration on A Notebook

Right after he spilled his idea on his notebook, he went straight to his Macbook to create the illustration digitally; with Adobe Illustrator, and a mouse. As for some work, he didn’t find it necessary to use Wacom, and neither did this. He felt more comfortable to use the mouse alone.  

  • Colors Used & Interpretation

Which one do you prefer?

The illustrations came in two different hues, purple and orange. In psychology, purple is often associated with wealth, creativity, and pride. By using this domination of purple, Wisangga wanted to illustrate his perception of a User Interface as an integral part of gadget, as it is something that needs to be crafted with creativity, yet it also has to be simple and elegant.

On the other hands, the color orange represents fun and enjoyment. As we all know, technology is known commonly used amongst young people, so it takes no surprise that they are usually referred to as digital natives. They tend to spend their leisure time on screen-based activities, like scrolling through their social media accounts or surfing on their favorite e-commerce websites for instance. So based on that, Wisangga also wanted to portray that technology is often associated with something fun and youthful. 

So what do you think of the illustration? Is it a Yay, or a Nay?

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