Journey to $100k MRR

Manypixels is a bootstrapped company (in other words, we re-invest the profits we make to grow the business and we only invested time and a little bit of founders money – less than USD $100 – to get started).

We are sharing our journey to $100k MRR (our goal for 2018) on this blog as well as
our metrics on retention. For us, being transparent about our journey to $100k MRR is a good way to: 1. Become accountable (and it helps us reach our goals) 2. Sharing learning with you guys (and that helps us be more authentic, I think)

Our current metrics:

  • MRR: $50k
  • March profits: To be filled in a few days
  • Estimated ARR: $600k (to be precise in a few days)
  • Current growth rate: To be filled in a few days
  • Churn: To be filled in a few days
  • Refunds: To be filled in a few days
  • Designer utilisation rate: To be filled in a few days
  • Total 2018 revenue: To be filled in a few days 
  • Total 2018 profits: To be filled in a few days

Our monthly reports:

  • January 2018 – $10k MRR and our problems with cancellations & refunds and speed.
  • February 2018 – report to be made soon (we will talk about our ProductHunt launch)
  • March 2018 – $50k MRR our problems with project management but how we finally found a way to solve them


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