Member Highlight (S01E02): Meet Daisy, The Product Manager!

Have you met Daisy, the product manager of Manypixels? If you haven’t, well this is your chance to get to know her better 😋

Her interest towards graphic design world has grown since she was in high school. So it takes no surprise that long gone before she joined manypixels, she was a former graphic designer. Oh and moreover, she used to run a startup too!

She jumped at a chance to become a product manager at Manypixels when Robin asked her to post a job vacancy at Manypixels. Knowing that there’s a marketplace for design is something that really amused her. So, instead of being a job poster, she decided to be an applicant too 😆

And yes, as a new chapter enters, another challenge appears, “I have to continuously improve, oversee, and manage the product quality based on company’s vision. As we strive to be the future of design services, i will have to ensure that our products are able to ‘patch up’ the deficiency of other design services itself. But thankfully, i’m being well surrounded by great people; other #Pixelians i’m proud to call my team mates.” Daisy said when being asked about the challenge she faced as a product manager. She can’t deny that having a super fun working environment is one of the things that keep her feeling motivated.

If there’s something extra about her… (that is super extra to us, for sure) she loves motivating others! So, everyday, at 11 am, she conducts a daily sharing session with other #Pixelians, where we gather in circle to share our perspectives towards an issue. For example, this morning we talked about life’s biggest fear. Every single team member must share what are their biggest fears and how did they overcome them. The sole purpose of this sharing session is to let everyone knows what each of team member going through, so they wouldn’t feel alone. 

And speaking about fun fact… you wouldn’t believe that she could imitate chipmunk’s voice! So anyone wants to hear Only You by Alvin? 🐹

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