Member Highlight (S01E01): Meet Binsar, Our Senior UI Designer!

Binsar joined Manypixels in June 2018. He was a part time UI/ UX researcher at Indonesia Government. Other than the flexible working time, super fun co workers are what he loves the most about being Pixelian; “Of course it’s so different from working at the government. You know, other than doing the thing i’m deeply passionate about here in Manypixels, i get to work with brilliant people with the same age as mine. We share a lot of common things, effortlessly.  Work becomes less heavy since then, it’s so exciting.” Binsar said.

What keeps him inspired to do his work? There’s only one answer to him: Music! 🎧 🎼 🎸Just like everyone else, he can’t live without music, and even feel more concentrated with his headphones on. Moreover, he practices music too! You would find him carrying the guitar everywhere, especially when he needs a break from work for a while. All of Banda Neira’s songs are his favorite to jam to.

When asked about the idea of great design, he said that it isn’t solely an aesthetically appealing piece of artwork, “It has to be useful, it has to be helpful. It has to be able to solve the problems, not adding the confusion” he added.

Fun fact about Binsar: While most designers or creative people are known to be a ‘night owl’, he can’t stay up late! And prefer to do his work early in the morning. Who’s with him?  ☝🏻

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