Member Highlight (S01E03): Meet Wisangga, Our Senior Illustrator!

Who doesn’t want to have a full control of everything while you had the chance? That’s also what one of our Pixelians said about his passion in drawing and illustration:

“Being an illustrator allow me to be the director of my own, like i’m the master of my fate. You know in life, you may not be able to change the reality, but you can always have a 100% control of how you want the story to be in your illustration. The ending is yours to decide”


Let us introduce you to our senior illustrator, Wisangga Pranata!

Before he joined manypixels, he used to work at advertising agency, “People said that advertising agency is a terrible place. Well, i’m not saying that this is the case, cause i also learned so much from there. But, i prefer it to be here it’s very flexible. No doubt” he said.

How did his passion towards drawing and illustration grow? Believe it or not, the moment where he laid his eyes on a huge box with a brand new television inside of it arrived at his house, was also where it all started, “I’ve always thought of television as a magic box, where all the fascination happens, because i remembered that was where i first saw the legendary characters of cartoon such as doraemon, dragon ball, and so on. They were inspiration to me” said Wisangga. Anyone curious of what was his medium to draw? On a soil, with his point finger! “Yeah, i drew those cartoon characters on a soil. It was really fun though” he added. Well, isn’t that super cool? 😆

And nope, we’re not done yet. Wisangga is also one of our most multitalented designers. Ever imagined someone who can draw really well, sing, write a song, act, and dance? Speaking of dance, here’s the fun fact: He admitted that he was the coordinator of dance extracurricular in his highschool, and was able to perform headspin! (okay we all get dizzy just to think about it…😵)

Last but not least, did we mention that he’s the most melancholic pixelian amongst of all?

Well, let his pick of favorite song do the justice…..

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