Monthly Highlight: September 2018

September only lasted in a minute… then now it’s time for another monthly highlight. Again. They say time flies when you’re having fun, don’t you agree? Well, not much of a difference for Manypixels; we cherish every single day, by doing the things we are passionate about. Each day, we go through an infinite process of creative thinking, numerous experiments, with a bunch of lessons learned. 

So…  how was September going for Manypixels? Keep on reading to figure out!

  • Hello, New Pixelians!

Meet the additional players to the team!

Did we mention that we are expanding? We sure did! To ensure we deliver the best experience of unlimited design services, we welcomed 7 new Pixelians on board to help us on our mission. They are Dedi Hermawan as Junior Project Graphic Designer, Henky Jaya Dinata as Senior Product Illustrator, Ita Amalia as Junior Project UI Designer, Juan Margono as Junior Project Graphic Designer, Kevin Moses as Junior Project UI Designer, Louisa Devina Martina as Project Manager, and Michael R. Leander and Customer Success. We believe in the skills and talents they had, and beyond excited to work with them! ✨

  • What Are We Working On

Every day is a new challenge for our designers, as they work on different things each day. Flooded with design requests on the platform, our designers were juggling from a task to another. And because it’s impossible to attach/insert all of our works, here is a simple illustration for one of our clients, a custom software and website design company by one of our Pixelians, Alexander Siddharta that we love: 

Ready to play?

Any thoughts of the illustration? drop some love on the comment section down below and head to our dribbble account to see more of our works! 😊


  • Upsell Campaign 

As a startup, we need to attract new customers and pricing strategy is one of the ways. On September, we ran an upsell promotion where you only need to pay US$699 for 3 months subscription and US$999 for 6 months of subscription. From this campaign, we managed to get US$8100 which also means we achieved 81% from the target (as we were aiming for US$10.000). We would like to thank each and everyone for believing in us! Enjoy our services 😉

  • The Result

To sum everything up, right now we are having US$41048 as monthly recurring revenue, and 167 subscribers. Thank you for staying with us! May we continue to strive for the best experience of unlimited design services and will always be your go-to when it comes to constant design help. We know that it wouldn’t be an easy peasy journey, that’s why your comments and feedbacks are welcome! Drop us an e-mail to about the experience you’re having, let us know what needs to be improved. Last but not least, never miss a single update from us simply by following our Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook page 😉

That’s it! September was great, here’s to more exciting months ahead 🍸🍸🍸

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