Week in review 20/05

Hey guys,

Here is a short update of what happened on the week of the 20/05 at Manypixels.

In short, we learned that running a business such as Manypixels revolve around three things: People, Process, Product. Here is on update of what we did on all three fronts!

People: Hiring, and setting the team up for success.

  1. Hiring: We hired two new illustrators to join us. We are still looking for one Senior UI/UX designer to complete our team.

    In addition, we hired a new Graphic designer: Audi! He’s really doing a fantastic job and is focusing on Instagram posts designs, Posters designs, and all. I will interview him soon on this blog (Let me know in the comments what you’d like to hear from him!)

    Basically our team consists of three types of designers: UI/UX, Graphic designers, and Illustrators.

    Here is some of the work that Audi did last week:

2. Setting the team up for success


I learned one thing running a service business: It’s great to hire awesome people but you have to be extremely clear about what you expect from people. It goes from making sure they understand the culture, but also explaining them clearly what are the expectations.

As a founder, you always have to empower and delegate but delegating is not simply telling someone “Do this task”. It is about imagining the 10 different ways a project could go wrong and fixing the issues in advance and empowering the staff to undertake the project!

Process: Standardising requests

One big part of the work we did last week is standardising work requests. I will explain in a dedicated blog post how we’re doing this.

Product: We are starting the development of our new dashboard!

After 2 unsuccessful try, we just started a partnership with a fellow Indie Hacker (I will announce it soon) that will work along with us to develop a request dashboard for Manypixels. More updates on that soon!


Enjoy the week guys and let me know if the comments what you’d like to hear from those weekly updates!


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