Building a million dollar business and empowering 10,000 freelancers in 2018

Updated 16/05/2018: This is still a draft!

My name is Robin and I am the founder of Manypixels and I am from Belgium. Back in the Netherlands I was running a successful business during my studies but had to find another opportunity as I was getting anxious of not working and also seeing my savings decreasing. I looked around what people were struggling with in my coworking space and a lot of people had a hard time to find a designer. On my side, I had travelled extensively before and was in good contact with designers in Asia. On the plus side, I was planning to stay there for a while and thus it was a good way to start something in that niche. Last but not least, I felt a strong desire to fix that problem: Making high quality design for startups, so let’s go!

Moving to another country

Now… The thing is that running a freelance business is not exactly my goal. The problem with freelancing is that sell your time so it’s not really scalable. If you decide to take a two weeks holidays, you do not make any money. However, running a productized service is what I am aiming for. You reduce your service offering, you find something that people need on a monthly basis, you create a service delivery blueprint to ensure consistency, speed, and quality and you already have something more scalable. Sure, you need more hands to have more revenue but it’s much more scalable than freelancing.

One million dollar bootstrapped business in 12 months

Right now, Manypixels is making about $10k a month (we update this monthly on our Transparency page). Our goal is to scale this 10x (1000% growth target, so about 85% growth rate per month) to make that $100k/month ($1.2m ARR) by the end of the year. While it means we will have to aggressively seek new clients, it also means we have to keep in mind the most important thing: Make sure existing clients are happy and stay with us.  Hence, we have to find a good balance with our service delivery (making sure we have happy customers and a retention as high as possible and as few refunds or cancellation as possible).

10,000 freelancers

It has now been five months since I have been living in Asia.

Building in public

Why am I posting this? Because it will make us accountable to reach our goals. Honestly, these goals are very stressful but it push me to deliver, because I have a competitive mind and hate to lose competions 😛 but also because I plan to share our learnings of getting there with you. Sharing learnings might empower others to create their own business which I find cool but also we might receive feedback on how we do X or Y.

What this blog is going to be about?

  • Building in public, with our users: We plan to regularly ask on Twitter and here what type of features or which improvements as regard to our service delivery we could do.
  • Transparency: Every month we will share our metrics dashboard (and yup, this includes revenue and profits). We will also try to share as much as we can about our strategy.
  • Learnings on building a profitable, bootstrapped business: We will share weekly at least one learning.
  • Other type of posts & announcements: We will use also this blog as a way to show our case studies & important announcements about Manypixels.


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