5 Landing Page Illustration Ideas

It’s the first thing your visitors lay their eyes on.

It’s where the first impression of you made.

It’s the most powerful aspect we should put more attention to so that we could generate more leads.

Yes, it’s your landing page.

And when building a website, you might be thinking about how to give the great experience for users through clear navigation, or what color should you use to make it more attractive. Little did you know that there’s also a thing you shouldn’t forget to put on your landing page: an illustration! A beautiful graphic could be a powerful element to your landing page, as it could improve the experience of your website visitors by showing what you can do for them and give them such a warm welcome.

Still no clue about what kind of illustration should you put on your company website? Scroll down to see the inspirations!


  1. Illustration for Design Academy

Here’s our take on illustrating an IT developer who wants to improve their skill of design! Design Academy is the perfect place for IT developers who feel the need to learn design.


2. Illustration for Mappit

Our designer portrayed a marketing service company with a girl sitting on the couch and bubbles of icons to give us a hint of what kind of services that the company offers.  How do you like the illustration?


3. Illustration For WPOven 

When it comes to the WordPress hosting service, our designer knows it’s best to depict the service that WPOven provides with two people collaborating to build a website.

4. Illustration for Harvey

Here’s your running companion: Harvey! Our designer portrayed the company service with a girl running whilst listening to her favorite playlist. A workout wouldn’t feel like one anymore, would it? 😉



5.  Illustration for Swapcard

What could be better to illustrate the event platform company than a group of audience interacting with each other?


So… are you ready to serve the best eye candy that would convert your visitors into customers? You know where to go 




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