5 Mobile App UI Design Inspirations

Nowadays people can’t seem to get off from their gadgets, especially cellphones for too long, right?

Well, what are people actually doing on their phones? You might assume they’re trying to let the world know what they’re up to using the social media platforms. Yes, we all know that it won’t be wrong. But did you know that buying things online is now considered as one of the most popular activities that people do on their phones?

According to businessinsider.sg, smartphones are to blame when it comes to the increment numbers of online shopping behavior. There are more shoppers who made purchases from their phones than ever starting from the late of 2017.

There it is. That’s one of the reasons to have a mobile version of your app. Imagine being visible to your customers whereas you’re only a pocket away from them? To create an enjoyable experience for your customers, here are the inspirations for the Mobile Apps UI that our Pixelians have created.  Let’s scroll and see!

1. White & Sky Blue Colors (Log In / Sign Up Page)

Imagine using this design for your e-commerce company… simple yet intriguing right?

2.  A Touch of Orange  (Log In / Sign Up Page) 

This one is ideal for a professional or any kind of networking platforms. Yes, of course, you could request this kind of mobile app UI design to us 😉


3. Barbershop Pricing Page

Have you ever thought of making an appointment with your favorite barber a lot easier? That might be one of the USP your barbershop should be having! 😉


4. Yoga App Pricing Page 

Providing a subscription model service of fitness app? Try something like this! 


5. Travel App On-boarding Page 

Traveling is something fun, so why not give vibrant colors to your mobile app UI design?

How would you like our works above? Let’s create a mobile version of your website with us today 😊


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