6 Startup Company Logo Design

Currently building a startup? Then you need to ensure that your startup has an identity to establish, and one of the ways to gain awareness of your company identity is to create a logo out of it. A logo is an important part of branding, which not only able to communicate your company personality but also how you want to be perceived by others. And to show your visibility to prospective investors so that you can attract them to invest their funds on yours, your startup needs a kickass logo! 

What kind of branding you want your startup to be perceived as? And how do you want your startup logo to be? If you have no clue, let us show you the 6 Logo Inspirations For Your Startup Company created by our Pixelians to take a look at. Keep scrolling!

1.Digital Consultant Service – Digikonsultti Hämäläinen

2. Fitness Company – Ammafyt

3. Virtual Assistant Company – Gemma

4. Sports News Company – Ohio Sports Report

5. Saas Company – Wokflow 

6. Game Company – Rookie 

Which one of the logos above that you fancy? Drop some love in the comment section and click here to see more of our works!


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