Member Highlight (S01E04): Meet Nidya, Our Senior Graphic Designer!

Welcome back to the member highlight blog! This time, we are having an interview with Nidya, our senior graphic designer. And just like other Pixelians that we’ve done the highlight on before, she’s been lucky enough to be able to figure out her passion since she was young; drawing! 🎨 

Back then in school, she would often find herself bored listening to the teacher that she would get sleepy during class. So instead of listening to the lecture, she would doodle on a piece of paper, “It was how I overcome the boredom. Doodling was a daily dose of caffeine to me at that time. So whenever I got sleepy, I would doodle. It helped.” she said.

Curious about her career journey as a graphic designer? Before she became a Pixelian, She was a former graphic designer at Esquire Magazine. She has also worked for digital agency, startup, and retail company. If that sounds ordinary to you, let us tell you something a little bit different; her parents used to want her to be a doctor! “My parents really wanted one of their children to become a doctor.  But I got accepted into a design program well before I graduated highschool. The class had already started before my highschool final exam even begun. I enrolled for a couple weeks and found myself having go to back home just to take the exam. So my parents sort of had no choice but to give in at that point” she added. 

Our pixelians find music as a cure for everything, and so does Nidya. In fact, Panic! At The Disco cd sleeve was her inspiration to become a graphic designer, “If you love panic at the disco, you must have known this Panic! At The Disco special box set. It contains all these really cool knick knacks with really beautiful graphics. The marvelous user experience really drew me in. I really loved looking at them. It was the moment when i thought to myself that day, I think I can do these too, maybe not yet, but I know I will. ”  She explained. Yes, and here you are, girl! 😆

Remember when she said drawing was a coffee to her? Well… here’s the fun fact, unlike any other workers who needs caffeine to kickstart their day, she’s a non-coffee drinker! “Without coffee, I’m still able to manage my brain and energy. If there’s an urgency to do something, I can stimulate my brain to do so.”

Yes, the ability to survive a day without coffee right there. We envy you, Nidya…

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