Monthly Highlight : August 2018

Now that September has arrived,  you know what time it is for… Yup, August Highlight! Just like the previous month, we are going to share with you what are the highlights of August, including the expansion of our team, what are working on, and the results! Curious much? Let’s go! 

  • New Pixelians Alert!

On August, we hired new junior illustrators, Alex and Hana! And yes, these two are fans of animated shows. Alex is a huge fan of The Simpsons, “I love how the show constantly pumping out the great jokes.” He said.  He also admitted that The Simpsons has influenced his animated work.  As for Hana, she’s always been a fan of Tom & Jerry, “I think it’s kinda cool how Tom & Jerry almost never speak to each other yet the animated series is still super entertaining” Hana said. So, is anyone here a fan of those two legendary animated shows? 😆Anyways, glad to have you on board, guys!  Can’t hardly wait to see those masterpieces! 

  • What Are We Working On

💻 New Platform

As a startup, every single step we take is a step that will hopefully improve our services. We are always open to any suggestions, and up for any necessary changes. So, to deliver the more pleasant experience of unlimited design services, we decided to re-create the user interface of our platform! This will help you identify your design needs more specific to avoid misunderstanding between the two parties (us, and you, of course ) so that we can have a clear understanding of how you want the work to be. You can choose the service that you desire, the style of interface, and more! We will let you know as soon as possible when are we going to operate with the new platform. Stay tuned! 😉

🎨 Projects

Wisangga Pranata, our senior product illustrator, has recently worked on several exciting projects. There was actually a lot of amazing works that we wanted to talk about, but then we had to choose the one that we really love, and that’s this piece of illustration shown below:  

The main idea of this illustration was so simple: to depict how a team consisted of different divisions working to strive their objectives & goals. And a moment before we decided to blast it on dribbble, a thought of making it more fun popped up; why don’t we create the illustration in a different hue and make the GIF version out of it? So here it is: 

How do you like the GIF version? Don’t hesitate to let us know! Also, don’t miss our other exciting projects by following our dribbble since we upload all of our works on a daily basis there 😉

  • The Results

Achievement GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Yes, we are finally coming to this point (which we know that maybe some of you might not be able to wait to actually get here 😋). As we ran a 2 for 1 campaign, where you only need to pay for 1 month of our subscription and get the 2 months of it, we have succeeded increase the number of subscribers from 133 to 177 subscribers.  So, thank you to everyone who has participated in our pay 1 for 2 campaign! 😊

In the end, to summarize everything up, right now we are having 177 subscribers and US$40662 in monthly recurring revenue.  And as always, feel free to shoot us an e-mail!  Let us know how much you enjoy our services, and what needs to be improved. Any feedbacks and comments are more than welcome 😆

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