Our favourite design requests: May 2019

Jun 10, 2019
Our Fav Design Request - May_25 Examples copy (1).png

So what did our designers work on in May 2019?

They worked on more than 500+ design requests for our clients and here are some of the coolest work they’ve done, curated for you!

1. T-Shirt design “Ben Franklin”

(by Christian)

Christian is a talented illustrator that joined us as a freelancer a few weeks ago. The request was simple: Design a T-shirt with Ben Franklin drinking a pint of beer. The objective was to sell this t-shirt on Amazon Merch.

Amazon Merch T-shirt design

Great result, isn’t it?

2. Pitch deck / Investor presentation design

(by Juan)

One of the most popular requests we have is powerpoint presentation redesigns. Whether it is sales decks, pitch decks, or simply an internal presentation, designing it with the correct branding is really key in order to pass the right message.

Here are a few slides of the deck:

Slide deck design

Slide deck design

Slide deck design

Slide deck design

3. Explainer infographic

(by Nurul)

Infographics are a powerful way to communicate a message. Once your infographic is done you can also ask to have special versions for posting it on LinkedIn, Slideshare, Instagram, or Facebook to make sure the right message is sent in the right format to your audience. This request was not an easy one for Nurul: Lots of data and specific branding guidelines to respect but the result is beyond awesome!

Explainer infographic

4. School poster design

(by Evgenia)

This request is one of my personal favourites: I really love the level of creativity (and it wasn’t an easy one as Evgenia used multiple fonts).

School poster

5. Custom illustrations on our gallery

(by Wis)

Earlier this year we released our royalty-free, 100% editable SVG illustration gallery.

Each week we update our illustration gallery with 15-20 new illustrations.

Free illustrations

6. Coverage map for a car-sharing startup

(by Japhet)

This request wasn’t easy either - redraw an entire map with the branding of the startup and add precise locations of the coverage. The result turned out excellent!

Coverage map car sharing

7. Flyer with illustrations

(by Alexander)

This request was for a crowdfunding e-book promotion: Design a beautiful flyer with custom illustrations.

Flyer with illustrations

8. Infographic for a SaaS

(by Japhet)

This request is for a SaaS infographic. The request had a lot of data point so it wasn’t an easy feat for Japhet.

Infographic for SaaS

9. Email marketing banner

(by Deddy)

Email marketing banner design

Another request we have are email marketing design materials: Newsletters mostly! This project was very fun to do for Deddy: Design a custom illustrations and follow the branding guidelines of the customer.

10. Dashboard UI design

(by Kevin)

a Dashboard design for an upcoming car sharing startup. Dashboard designs are usually very demanding and demand a strong eye for a great user experience and Kevin did a great job at this!

Dashboard design

11. WINNER: Sales brochure illustration

(by Evgenia)

And the winner is… This sales brochure illustration by Evgenia. I thought the result was so beautiful aesthetically yet conveyed a lot of important information. Great job!

Brochure illustration