Our favourite design requests (July 2019)

Aug 06, 2019
Our Fav Design Request - July_25 Examples copy.png

Here we go again, here are our favourite design requests of the month of July.

All those design requests have made by our ManyPixels designers. Congratulations Juan, Adit, Ita, Evgenia, Christian, Wis, Nurul fore being be featured in this month’s collection.

1. Blog post images

One very good way to make your content stand out is to illustrate your articles with images throughout: It is easier to read! Blog post images are a very popular type of requests that companies or bloggers order on ManyPixels.

Blog post images

2. Comparison graphics (with illustrations)

Another popular design request on ManyPixels are comparison graphic design requests (with our without illustrations). Comparing how your product stands out from the competition or comparing different customers (before / after, or with / without) is a great way to explain your value proposition to your prospective customers.

Comparison graphic

3. Brochure with illustrations

This one is my personal favourite! Whether you are sending a print or digital brochures, complementing it with illustrations is a great way to appear more professional and convey the benefits you are offering to your customers.

Brochure with illustrations

4. Infographic design

Here’s a creative way to amplify your content: Graphic design to repurpose your content. As a company or blogger you probably have a ton of content but having infographics is a great way to re-use and reformat the content you already produced.

Infographic design

5. Landing page with quirky or cartoonish illustrations

Here’s a trend in design: cartoonish illustrations on landing pages / marketing websites. They make your website have a unique feel and distinctive branding.

Landing page with cartoonish illustrations

6. Carousel Facebook ad designs (with illustrations)

Here’s two ideas for your next Facebook advertising campaign: Tell a story or show the multiple benefits your product / services has. A great way to do so is to use illustrations (they are great for storytelling) and the Carousel ad format from Facebook.

Carousel ad designs

7. Isometric illustrations

Here’s a unique type of design request our designers love to do: Isometric illustrations. These illustrations are great for video game companies or simply if you want to design a city, design an office building, or design a map.

Here’s an example design by our team:

Isometric illustration

7. Children book illustrations or character design

A huge audience is for products (books, gaming, education) is children and the best way to communicate what you do: With illustrations!

Here’s an example made by our team with fun character illustration designs:

Children book illustration

8. Lead magnet design

What is the next step after you attract traffic to your website? Convert your users! The best way to convert your users it to offer a free product / service / sample and that is called a lead magnet. We do that at ManyPixels with our design library.

You can use this lead magnet on your blog / on our main website.

Here’s an example of lead magnet (without copywriting):

Lead magnet design

9. Packaging design

Are you running an e-commerce store or any store that deliver physical products? Having a great packaging is great for marketing / improves the value perception of your product.

Here’s an example done by our team in July for a moving service company (and their custom moving boxes!):

Packaging design Packing design

10. Custom multipurpose illustrations

I think you noticed: We love illustrations! Here is some more inspiration. You can use illustrations to complement your how it works page, the different services / products you offer, or simply to make your website more easy to understand.

Custom illustration Custom illustration Custom illustration

If you need custom design made, you can always check out our website.