Pixelian of the Month: March 2019

Apr 03, 2019

This month, the award of Pixelian of the Month goes to…




Kevin joined ManyPixels a few months ago and is a full-time freelancer on our platform.

(Each month, we recognise the great work of ManyPixels’ designers by giving an award, the Pixelian of the Month is awarded to acknowledge excellent design and communication skills and the designer receives an additional bonus)

1. Can you tell us about you?

Let me introduce myself, my name is Kevin.

I was born in Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta. I reflect myself as a well - quite non-interesting individual. Perhaps that’s caused by my extreme Introversion personality (I took that online MBTI test kind-of-thing, and got the award for getting a 92% introversion result).

My only passion was to play video games and to draw anything related to it.

You could say I would highly prefer to do everything and keep everything by and to myself. But may be I can share a few things this time (especially doing it digitally) :

My path to work as a designer begins from childhood times. Back in the day, my only passion was only to play video games and to draw anything related to it. That habit is kind of bad as it can took focus out of my study, sitting in the back of the class doing nothing but sketching useless stuff. (Today, I stilll like drawing stuff, just more rarely).

It really took its toll as I failed my first year of high school. That event was quite a wake up call for me to focus on something more important. In the end, I am really glad I finished my high school with nearly perfect grades.

spaceguns Above, a sketch done by Kevin.

College times, I finally could focus on doing artsy stuff again. So I entered Bunda Mulia University in 2013, and started having a great time studying visual design.

It made my inner artist finally shine at the right place. With years passing by, I really got into learning Motion Graphics and User Interface Design there. Just sadly the UI lessons provided were quite shallow for me so I decided to lean deeper towards Motion Graphics first.

The result of that is I worked initially as a 2D Animator Intern for 3 months, which I really liked. While doing that I was still intrigued by how UI worked and decided that my next full time job should be as a UI designer.

You could say it was quite a struggle to find a job, as I didn’t have any solid UI portfolio, let alone any UI experience. But thanks god, I finally got accepted by a micro-startup in North Jakarta as a junior UI/UX designe thanks to my motion graphics skills.

During my time as an intern, I learnt many things by working closely with developers, and getting a good grip on how UI/UX in an app works. Sadly, just 7 months into the job, I got badly ill and had to take a long break, giving up my job.

I finally got better and here I am, working as a Junior UI Designer at Manypixels. I have been here for 7 months and hope I will never catch that illness again.

2. What’s your typical day like?

I also very much like it when my work is uninterrupted most of the time.

My typical working day is pretty usual. I wake up, have breakfast and shower before 8.45 am. Then I immediately open my laptop, and begin to work.

I also very much like it when my work is uninterrupted most of the time. (Perhaps my only breaks are just lunch and going to the bathrooms).

The main reason I work like this is that I very much like to keep my working pace efficient and avoid overtiming. I tend to finished my work exactly at 16.45 everytime .

After my work is done, I finally have a leisure in the same sitting spot and play Destiny 2. My favorite game for the moment. I play it till the night’s over and get to sleep. Next day, I wake up and repeat.

Yeah, I know it sounds really boring to some, but hey, I absolutely love that.

Being humble, doing nice & honest work, some work / life balance, this is good enough for me.

3. How do you get inspired?

My main inspirations for my artworks came from the web, Dribbble, Instagram, Behance, the usual stuff.

That said, I have a tendency on looking for them rather rarely.

4. Can you share some of the pieces of your work you’re most proud of?

Yes, I do and it’s not the prettiest project.

But it’s a very good example of pursuing great collaboration with the client, which I think we observe more often.

Sometimes when we do design projects, it feels like a one way street. Either the client is agreeing to us on everything every single time, or the client keep having endless revisions to a spiralling infinite oblivion. In this project though, the client is actively asking questions, giving suggestions, and we do it vice versa. It’s like talking to a colleague rather than a bossy figure, a really fluid two way collaboration that makes working on this project really fun.


5. Finally : What’s your advice for designers?

I got no particular useful advice, but I may say that just do what you really feel best for you and be grateful, as not everyone may be as lucky as compared to where you stand right now. So yeah, just be grateful.

Thanks for the interview, Kevin!