Step Up Your Instagram Marketing Game with These 5 Post Bundle Design

Nowadays, it seems like every brands utilize Instagram as a platform to market their products, and really, what are the reasons not to? With 1 billion monthly users all around the world and the features, Instagram has successfully become one of the most exciting social media platforms. It’s no surprise that companies are competing to do their best to attract their target customers through their Instagram content. And it couldn’t be one without a great visual, as displaying great visual content is one of easiest ways to increase sales on Instagram right now.

Got no time to stress more on graphic design matter for your business? Don’t worry, we are here to put you at ease!  Here are 5 Instagram post-bundle design inspirations by our Pixelians that would step your Instagram marketing game up! 😉

1. Editorial & Minimalist 


Editorial style for your men fashion brand 



2.  Hype & Vibrant

Street style alert! 


3. Earthy & Organic 

Visualize your organic skincare brand with an earthy tone Instagram grid 


4. Nautical & Clean 

Own a summer skincare essential brand? Think about having a grid like this 

5. Pop & Youthful 

Bright colors for a fresh and youthful branding 


Spot any bundle that you like?  Let’s create one for your brand! 

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